A 1000-pound horse produces up to 50 pounds of wet manure each day or nearly 10 tons of manure each year. With most of this being deposited in the stall, your horse lives in an environment filled with bacteria, virus, mold, and mildew. Horse owners have long sought ways to help reduce or eliminate urine in an eco-friendly manner.

What is Envirostall?

Envirostall is the first and only full-service system capable of addressing and reducing environmental issues in the equine industry.

Our team has engaged in ground-breaking research resulting in this patented system that is committed to helping the environment while simultaneously eliminating many health problems that can affect your horse.

Envirostall also can mitigate bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew, and rid your stalls of rodents and the problems they cause.

No other product on the market provides the long-term solution to the challenges that face horse owners in keeping their stalls sanitary and their horses healthy. Envirostall is Next Level Living for Horses that allows you to spend more time enjoying your horses instead of working for them.

How It Works

Envirostall uses bioremediation to remove contaminants from horse stalls. Envirostall filters horse urine and other impurities into a storage area through our Envirofilter, a one-piece layer of water permeable, geotextile material.

Our proprietary microbes, EPA-approved and designed specifically for equine applications, live in the system’s storage area. Millions of these microbes work to digest the impurities changing them into water and harmless gases. As long as you keep a horse in the stall, these tiny bugs will work to clean and neutralize impurities from your stalls.

The water then flows back into the soil as clean water per EPA groundwater protocols.

Envirostall keeps your stalls sanitary and your horses healthy while saving you money.

The Benefits of Envirostall

  • Significantly reduces bedding, labor, waste disposal, and veterinary costs.
  • Helps eliminate contaminates in your stalls that cause hoof problems, respiratory ailments, and other health issues
  • Eliminates odors naturally
  • Mitigates bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew
  • Helps rid your stalls of rodents and the problems they cause.
  • Envirofilter and anti-fatigue matting provide a level surface, reduce stress on your horse’s joints, and prevent hock sores.
  • Allows you to spend more time enjoying your horse instead of working for them.

Why Envirostall? A Veterinarian’s View

Thomas Lurito, DVM

“The biggest problem in having horses is clean stalls. Stalls should be cleaned two or three times a day to keep a stall sanitary and dry. Horses collect manure and urine in their hooves and moisture from the fields. Dry stalls take the moisture out of the hooves, which is important for horse health. With a horse, everything is affected from the bottom up. Having dirty stalls will influence what goes on in the horse’s hooves. Wet stalls influence how the horse’s shoes stay on, and the durability and soundness of the hooves. Wet stalls cause thrush and separation of hoof walls so horseshoe nails will not hold.

“Dirty stalls also contain urea, the cause of the ammonia odor in stalls. Horses are in their stalls several hours a day inhaling all the nitrogen in urea formed by the horse’s urine. The effect of urea on the nasal passages, trachea, and lungs is far underestimated. It is caustic as if sucking asbestos into the respiratory system. If you keep the urea and odor to a minimum, your horse will breathe much easier. Envirostall will eliminate the odor and keep the horse’s respiratory system clean.

“Envirostall also creates comfort for the horse. The drainage system takes away the bacteria and moisture in the stall. The rubbery mat under the bedding gives a cushion that supports the horse and eliminates sores on its hocks. Envirostall will allow your horse to be comfortable and healthier while improving the soundness and longevity of the horse.”