Envirostall Odor Shield

Envirostall introduces Envirostall Odor ShieldTM, a new odor spray for equine and pet applications like no other product on the market.

Envirostall Odor Shield eliminates odors completely without the use of alcohol, enzymes, harsh chemicals or perfumes.  Other products boast of being anti-microbial, but simply mask the odor for a short time.  They do not have the odor removal abilities of Envirostall Odor Shield.

 Envirostall Odor Shield actually creates a covalent bond within three to five minutes of contact. No other product has the combined bonding, odor-neutralizing formula that destroys odors on contact while bonding to surfaces for long lasting results. The bond formed by Envirostall Odor Shield zaps organisms as they approach the surface and removes any remaining positive growing components.  By immediately attacking bacteria cells, Envirostall Odor Shield prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria and the return of odors.

This long-lasting barrier created by Envirostall Odor Shield blocks the source of persistent odors caused by moisture, including sweat, urine, manure, and mildew. Envirostall Odor Shield is also hydrophobic so the surfaces on which it is sprayed repel water.

Envirostall Odor Shield is great on equine and other pet applications, including equipment, blankets, trailers, and other items/areas where odor can form. It will work on leather, felt, fleece, sheepskin saddle pads and pet beds, Navajo blankets and any surface where your horse or pet can leave odors.  Just spray a light mist and Envirostall Odor Shield works to prevent the return of odors for up to 30 days.

Envirostall Odor is non-toxic and safe for use around children, plants, and pets.  It is non-polluting, environmentally safe, and biodegradable.