Envirostall can be placed over any surface, including concrete, clay, stone, etc., as long as the stalls have proper drainage before installing the Envirostall system, or we can create a drainage system for you.

Any type of bedding, except pellets, will work with the Envirostall system. Pellets create too much dust and will clog the system.

Having dirty stalls will influence what goes on in the horse’s hooves. Envirostall helps eliminate the contaminates that cause thrush, respiratory problems and other health issues caused by dirty stalls. Envirostall also eliminates moisture in the stall. Dry stalls take the moisture out of the hooves, which is important for horse health. Wet stalls influence how the horse’s shoes stay on, and the durability and soundness of the hooves. Wet stalls cause thrush and separation of hoof walls so horseshoe nails will not hold.

Envirostall will eliminate the odor and keep the horse’s respiratory system clean. Dirty stalls contain urea, the cause of the ammonia odor in stalls. Horses are inhaling the nitrogen in urea formed by the horse’s urine, which affects the nasal passages, trachea, and lungs. It is as caustic as if sucking asbestos into the respiratory system. If you keep the urea and odor to a minimum, your horse will breathe much easier.

Envirostall also creates comfort for the horse. The drainage system takes away the bacteria and moisture in the stall. The rubbery mat under the bedding gives a cushion that supports the horse and eliminates sores on its hocks. Envirostall will allow your horse to be comfortable and healthier while improving the soundness and longevity of the horse.

By keeping stalls clean and dry, Envirostall significantly reduces bedding and waste disposal costs. The need for labor is reduced as the time to clean the stalls is greatly reduced. Envirostall users have reported a 50 – 75 percent decrease in both bedding and labor costs. Healthier horses also leads to a reduction in veterinary costs, and the level stalls can reduce the need for chiropractic care for your horse.

The elimination of bacteria and odors also makes for a healthier environment for you and others in your barn. Envirostall eliminates odors naturally and mitigates bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew. With no odor in your stalls, Envirostall helps rid your stalls of rodents and the problems they cause.

Envirostall reduces environmental issues in the equine industry. The system bioremediates horse urine and other contaminants, and then disseminates safe water back into the soil. This minimizes the emission of nitrous oxide (N 2 O) into the earth’s atmosphere. Nitrous oxide is a potent and long-lived greenhouse gas that stays in the atmosphere for over a century.

Most nitrous oxide is produced by naturally occurring micro-organisms acting on nitrogen introduced to the soil via livestock urine. By removing the impurities from horse urine before it enters the ecosystem, Envirostall prevents nitrogen, phosphates, carbon, and other chemicals from being released into the environment. This reduces the production of nitrous oxide and the impact of this greenhouse gas on the earth’s atmosphere. The system also minimizes hydrocarbon gases and prevents pollution from organic waste, including antibiotics, chemicals, and pathogens that enter the soil through untreated dissemination of horse urine.

Bioremediation is the process of using naturally occurring, safe and beneficial micro-organisms to degrade environmentally harmful contaminants and turn them into non-toxic compounds.

Envirostall micro-organisms are a proprietary formula for use specifically in the equine industry. Our micro-organisms will break down horse urine and other contaminants and transform them into water. Further, this natural process will produce valuable bio nutrients that can be utilized by both plant and aquatic life. The process of bioremediation is listed as one of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) innovative technologies.

  • An ecologically safe and natural process. It is “nature’s way” of solving contamination problems.
  • Helps eliminate the contaminates that cause thrush, respiratory problems and other health issues caused by dirty stalls.
  • Cost effective. The process is generally 60-70% less costly than other technologies.
  • No disruption to surrounding, non-contaminated areas.
  • Can be accomplished in-place thereby eliminating the hazard of “off-site”; contamination caused by digging, hauling, and transporting horse manure.
  • Eliminates odor naturally improving air quality in your stalls and reducing the risk of respiratory problems for your horse.
  • Restores the environment to its pristine condition.
  • Poses no health or safety risks to your employees while reducing veterinary, bedding, waste disposal, and labor cleanup costs.

According to EPA Publication 640/k-93/002: “The United States is the world leader in field implementation of bioremediation, an attractive alternative to conventional methods of cleaning up persistent hazardous wastes in the environment.” It further goes on to state, “The potential use of bioremediation technologies is significant, as federal & state governments, private industry and others responsible for environmental cleanup efforts add it to their arsenals of methods for environmental reclamation.”

The microbes utilized in our products are not only EPA approved, they are also the only bioremediation agents made specifically to eradicate horse urine and other contaminants found in horse stalls. Our proprietary microbes are in an active preparation, ready to be used. They require no special solutions, no special mixing, and no waiting period before application. The simple addition of horse urine activates our microbes. They are easy to use and therefore require very little training of personnel. All of these factors translate into cost savings for the user. Envirostall products were developed to bring the innovative technology of bioremediation into everyday use.