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As the owner of a valuable horse and a Grand Prix champion, Mindy Blackford believes, “without good feet, I don’t have a horse.” Blackford is the owner of Calidoza BD, an offspring of the famous Calido I. The competitive Holstein grey stands in Ohio at Blackford’s Petrie Show Stables.

“Greys are prone to hoof problems, particularly white line disease. This is when bacteria get between the hoof wall and the feet and eat away at the hoof. Wet stalls are a major cause of the problem, and it is particularly bad when the mare comes in season.

“Using Envirostall has eliminated the problem. Calidoza has had no flare ups and she doesn’t lose shoes. My furrier has been pleased with how she has regained the strength in her hoof walls.”

“These horses are also prone to swelling in the legs from the moisture. Bacteria from white line can get into the legs and make it much worse. Using Envirostall has done wonders to prevent this. We used to have to wrap her legs or keep her in stockings to reduce the swelling. Since using Envirostall, Calidoza’s legs no longer swell, and we have not had to wrap her legs.

“Another benefit of Envirostall is that over four years since I had it installed, the stall floor had stayed perfectly flat. My stalls no longer sink, and the soft pad is comfortable for Calidoza.”